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Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the Continued Business Justification?

  • A. The justification for the project must remain the same throughout the project
  • B. The justification for the project should remain valid
  • C. The justification for the project may change
  • D. If the project is no longer justified it should be stopped

Answer: B


Product Summary
A list of customers will be collated. This will use existing information from the Accounts department about current customers, and existing information from the Marketing department about prospective customers.
Using the tariff of mailing costs available from the Post Office, a production cost forecast will be produced to allow the CEO and the Marketing Director to decide whether to continue with the project. If they decide to continue, they will give the approval to launch the internal label design competition. Competition rules will be required to communicate details of the competition to the staff. The chosen label design will then be selected from the competition entries.
The photos for the calendar must be based on existing photo design ideas available from the Marketing department. The selected photos will be chosen from these. Monthly calendar displays will be created to show the required layout of each page.
Product Breakdown Structure (contains errors)
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Extract from Stage Plan for stage 3.
(All entries are true statements but may not be shown under the correct heading or in the correct document).
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Using the Project Scenario and the Extract from Stage Plan for stage 3 provided as additional intonation for this question in the Scenario Booklet, answer the following 5 questions.
The Stage Plan for stage 3 has been produced.
The Engineering Manager insists that there are to be no interruptions to operations whilst photographs are being taken of the engineering staff performing their everyday duties and operating machinery. Two weeks ago the professional photographer produced the photo session schedule based on the operational staff schedule. The operational staff schedule is produced weekly and maintained by the Engineering Manager.
None of the £500 change budget has been used to date and this is available for the stage. Which 2 statements apply to the Planning assumptions section?

  • A. No change to entry 8 because this cannot be confirmed until all of the label designs entries have been received and an assessment made.
  • B. Move entry 8 to External dependencies because the label designs are created outside of the scope of the project.
  • C. Delete entry 9 because the photo session schedule should have been approved as part of stage 2.
  • D. Move entry 9 to External dependencies because the photo session schedule is created by the professional photographer.
  • E. Delete entry 10 because the inclusion of different members from the Engineering team in each photo should be shown in the Product Description for the photos.

Answer: AE


Additional Information Product Description
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Quality notes from the Daily Log
The Director of Information Technology Division (DIT) has been asked to ensure that any changes to the outsourced staff employment contracts adhere to employment law. The DIT will review future job descriptions of the transferred staff before the final contract is signed with the selected service provider.
The service level agreement between MFH and the selected service provider will specify the type and quality of service required. The selected service provider must follow the industry standards for providing outsourced services.
MFH has a quality management system which contains a document control procedure for all its documentation, however this does not include change management.
All project documents will be subject to a quality review. Nominated products will require a formal approval record signed-off by the quality review chair.
Extract from the draft Quality Management Strategy (may contain errors) Introduction
1. This document defines the approach to be taken to achieve the required quality levels during the project.
2. The Project Board will have overall responsibility for the Quality Management Strategy.
3. Project Assurance will provide assurance on the implementation of the Quality Management Strategy.
Quality management procedure - Quality standards
4. The selected service provider will operate to industry standards for providing outsourced services.
5. MFH document standards will be used.
6. A Quality Register will be maintained to record the planned quality events and the actual results from the quality activities.
7. Configuration Item Records will be maintained for each product to describe its status, version and variant.
8. Approval records for products that require them will be stored in the quality database. Roles and responsibilities
9. The DIT will check that the employment contracts for outsourced staff adhere to employment law.
10. Team Managers will provide details of quality checks that have been carried out.
11. Team Managers will ensure that the Quality Register is updated with the names of team members who are involved in the review process.
12. The Senior User will review the Product Descriptions of the products to be produced by the selected service provider to ensure that they can be achieved.
None of the reviewers have proof-reading skills.

  • A. Record an action to request that Project Assurance identify a proof-reader who can, within the next 2 days, complete the check for typographical errors.
  • B. Ask the reviewers present at the meeting to conduct a proof-reading exercise and pass any comments to the author within 2 days.
  • C. Contact Project Assurance to find appropriate resources to come into the review.
  • D. No action required.

Answer: A


Additional Information
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): He started the company 25 years ago and knows his job very well. He injured his leg two years ago which has restricted his visits to the engineering area. As CEO he has an overall perspective of the business strategic requirements and the authority to commit resources as required.
Marketing Director: She has been with the company for three years, following a successful career with a publicity company. She has the ability to represent the needs of the business, particularly as this is a marketing project. She has the authority to commit the annual business marketing budget, from which the project will be funded, as she sees appropriate. She will be responsible for monitoring the expected benefits of the calendar, in particular the improvement of the company's image.
Engineering Manager: He has been responsible for many engineering innovations in the company and is still as keen and energetic as the day he started. VVhilst he will not be part of the project team, his staff will feature in the photos for the promotional calendar.
Central Records: This group of five staff looks after all company records and document control. They now maintain all project files.
Bright Lights: This is the local office supplies company. It supplies all the stationery and office equipment needs of the company and will supply the stationery for this project.
Portraits ltd: This is a professional photographic company with a number of excellent photographers and a history of successful work. This company has been selected to take the photos for the company calendar. It has yet be decided which of the photographers to use.
Which 2 statements explain why the Sales Manager should be appointed as User Assurance for this project?

  • A. He joined the company last year with huge enthusiasm and is keen to increase sales.
  • B. He can provide an evaluation of the potential impact the calendar will have on sales.
  • C. He is able to advise on suitable stakeholder engagement of current and prospective customers.
  • D. He would like to move into the Marketing department in the future and sees this as an opportunity to work closely with the Marketing Director.
  • E. He can resolve any conflict in requirements between the Sales department and the Marketing department.

Answer: BC


While preparing the Risk Management Strategy, the Project Manager considered the commercial customer/supplier environment and how this may affect the management of risk. Which approach should the Outsourcing project adopt?

  • A. Plan to use the selected service provider's risk management procedures.
  • B. All project risks associated with the specialist deliverables should be owned by the selected service provider.
  • C. Due to the sensitive nature of this project, consideration should be given to creating a separate Risk Register to be held by MFH and the selected supplier.

Answer: C

Extract from the Project Product Description (with errors)
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
The information in Column 1 may be entered in the Product Description for the chosen label design. Column 2 is a list of the quality headings (excluding Quality Method) in a Product Description. For each entry in Column 1 decide if it should be included in the Product Description headings shown and select the heading from Column 2 under which it should be recorded.
Drop down the right answer
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit


Which role is responsible for providing the customer's quality expectations and acceptance criteria for the project?

  • A. Executive
  • B. Corporate or Programme Management
  • C. Senior User
  • D. Project Assurance

Answer: C

Additional Information
During the initiation stage the Project Manager met with the Marketing Director to find out more about the requirements of the promotional calendar and recorded the following notes:
There has been a reduction in the order numbers at the MNO Manufacturing due in part to the increased marketing activities of its competitors. 10% of customers have not re-ordered in this financial year and staff morale is poor. A number of skilled staff have left as a result and replacement staff have not been recruited due to the reduced operation. If the project is successful, a recruitment campaign will be required to fill the existing staff vacancies and there may be a requirement for additional staff. Operational costs are likely to increase because skilled staff are expensive and difficult to find.
In financial terms, there were a total of 1,500 orders in the last financial year, each with an average profit of £2k. The Marketing department believes that sending a promotional calendar to our current and prospective customers would increase orders by at least 10% with a minimum of 10 further orders from the list of prospective customers within 12 months from the date of distribution.
The Marketing Director will be funding the project from the business marketing budget. She believes that the effect of a good company image portrayed by a successful calendar would last into a second year. She has forecast the same increase in orders for a second year and predicts that the annual employee satisfaction survey will show a measurable improvement in staff morale.
A number of alternatives were explored, including:
✑ 20% discount for all repeat customers - not cost-effective and very short term
✑ A promotional calendar as a free Christmas gift - would target current and prospective customers and the benefits would last into a second year
✑ A series of television and press advertisements· was too expensive
✑ A direct mail shot to all customers - benefit would be short term
✑ Creation of an internet website - would not suit all customers
The calendar is seen as the favored option, as long as the company's competitors do not increase their marketing activity. Whilst the Marketing department wants a very high quality, glossy product, the project management team must be aware of the cost this will incur.
Using the Project Scenario and the additional Information provided for this question In the Scenario Booklet, answer the following question.
Lines A to E in the table below consist of an assertion statement and a reason statement. For each line identify the appropriate option, from options A to E, that applies. Each option can be used once, more than once or not at all.
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit


Which other management product is created when the Business case is updated during Initiating a Project?

  • A. Post project review plan
  • B. Risk Register
  • C. Benefits Review plan
  • D. Issue Register

Answer: C


Which principle is supported by the activity Evaluate the Project?

  • A. Continued Business Justification
  • B. Defined roles and responsibilities
  • C. Learn from experience
  • D. Manage by stages

Answer: C


Which of the following activities could trigger the production of an exception plan?

  • A. Review Stage status
  • B. Giving ad hoc direction
  • C. Escalating a project issue
  • D. Report stage end

Answer: B


Additional Information
Extract from the Communication Management Strategy.
The project information in the table below is true, but it may not be recorded under the correct heading or be in the correct document.
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Using the Project Scenario, select the appropriate response to each of the following 5 questions which have been raised by the Project Board.
The project is now at the end of the initiation stage. Having decided that the Calendar project is a relatively simple project, the Project Manager combined the Starting Up a Project process and the Initiating a Project process. No Project Brief has been produced. Instead the Project Manager used the project mandate to produce a simple Project Initiation Documentation (PlO). The PlO includes the Business Case, a product checklist and several Product Descriptions, Including the Project Product Description. Short sections are also included for each of the strategies and the controls to be applied. The Project Manager has elected to use the Daily Log to record all risks, issues, lessons and quality - results.
After the initiation stage there will be two further stages during which a small number of Work Packages will be authorized. While these are being managed, the Project Manager will hold regular checkpoints, which will support the production of weekly Highlight Reports to the Project Board.
This question provides a number of changes which may or may not be required to the Extract from the Communication Management Strategy provided in the additional information.
Which statement applies to the Tools and techniques section?

  • A. Delete entry 3 because the activities required to create the products should be documented in the relevant plan(s).
  • B. Move entry 4 to Reporting because this describes a report on the performance of the Communication procedures used.
  • C. Delete entry 5 because the customers are not within the scope of this project.

Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT an objective of Initiating a Project?

  • A. Understanding the scope of what is to be done and the products to be delivered
  • B. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Project Management Team
  • C. Understand how quality required will be achieved
  • D. Understand how progress will be monitored and controlled

Answer: B


The Ministry of Food Hygiene (MFH) has a quality management system which contains a document control process to manage all documentation requirements. The document control process was created by the MFH Quality Manager, who now maintains all of MFH's documents and performs an organization-wide configuration management role. The MFH Quality Manager will administer the configuration management procedure for the Restructuring project since this must comply with the MFH document control process.
What additional risk will this place on the project?

  • A. None because risks associated with the centralization and rationalization of the Facilities Division will be managed by another project.
  • B. These changes will delay stage 3 by three weeks.
  • C. There is only £70k left in the project change budget.
  • D. The reduced value of the contracted services required by the Outsourcing project may result in an insufficient number of proposals being received.

Answer: A


Additional Information
Prince2-Practitioner dumps exhibit
Further information on some resources who could be involved in the project: Outcome Account Manager: He represents Outcome which is a recruitment agency that
provides specialist outsourcing resources. Outcome provided the consultants who carried out the feasibility study and the same consultants will be providing support and guidance to the Information Technology and Facilities teams during the project.
Director of Finance Division: She was transferred from the Information Technology Division 12 months ago. She is responsible for ensuring a cost-conscious approach is adopted in all operational and project activities across the Ministry of Food Hygiene.
Hardware Manager: Reports to the Director of Information Technology. He provides computer hardware to all business functions but has little awareness of the needs of his colleagues working in software.
Payroll Manager: Reports to the Director of Finance. He is a very experienced and efficient qualified accountant who has much of the responsibility of running the Finance Division on behalf of the Director of Finance. He has been involved in drafting the Ministry's business strategy and assisting in a full business risk assessment. He also drafted the corporate Business Case standards.
Which 2 alternative actions apply to the proposed Executive for this project?

  • A. Retain because he accepts that outsourcing is the best solution.
  • B. Replace with 'Director of Finance Division' because she can ensure a cost-conscious approach to the project that gives value for money.
  • C. Retain because he has the right level of authority to be able to control the strategic nature of the Outsourcing project.
  • D. Add 'Director of Finance' because she understands the operation of the Information Technology Division and the Facilities Division.
  • E. Replace with 'Payroll Manager' because he is a very experienced and efficient qualified accountant.

Answer: BC


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