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Which Veeam Backup & Replication job type offers the shortest recovery time objective (RTO)?

  • A. Backup copy
  • B. Backup to tape
  • C. Replication
  • D. File to tape

Answer: C

A backup administrator is deploying a Veeam ONE environment. They have chosen to use separate servers from their Veeam Backup & Replication environment. What benefit will they receive if they install the Veeam ONE Agent onto their backup server?

  • A. Track whether VMs and agents are properly protected and following the 3-2-1 rule
  • B. Collect Veeam Backup & Replication logs and execute remediation actions
  • C. Collect virtual environment configuration from Veeam Backup & Replication
  • D. Analyze Veeam Backup & Replication log data and retrieve signature updates

Answer: C

Which of the following is a backup mode that can be configured within a Veeam Agent for Windows backup job?

  • A. Reverse incremental with periodic active full backups
  • B. Forward incremental and reverse incremental, both with optional periodic synthetic and/or active full backups
  • C. Forward incremental with optional periodic synthetic and/or active full backups
  • D. Reverse incremental with optional periodic synthetic full backups

Answer: D

You use datastores as the source for your backup jobs. Some VM backups are consuming too much repository disk space. They have backup files created by multiple backup jobs. What could be the reason? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Storage DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) moved VMs to different datastores
  • B. Jobs are configured as per VM and these particular VM??s need more fulls
  • C. VM retention is set to do full backups more often than others in the job
  • D. The VM is in a backup chain and trapped inside a single retention file
  • E. The VMs were moved to different datastores manually

Answer: BE

If you need to run a script to stop a service in order to get an application-consistent backup on a Windows server, where can the script be run?

  • A. In the guest processing setting of the job, enable application-aware processing and add a pre-freeze script to the VM
  • B. Configure the script to run on the Veeam Backup & Replication server using the Windows Task Scheduler
  • C. Copy the script to the VM and schedule the script to run prior to the start of the backup job using the Windows Task Scheduler in the VM
  • D. In the virtual machines setting of the job, add a script in the scripts tab under ??Run the following script before the job:??

Answer: C

A NAS backup job has been configured within Veeam Backup & Replication, and is completing successfully, but restore operations have been failing for the last few days. What is causing the failure?

  • A. The backup repository is sealed
  • B. The server was added by using an IQN alias which is unable to be resolved
  • C. The credentials added to the share are not allowed read-write access to the share, directories or files
  • D. The cache repository assigned for this file share is unavailable for restore operations

Answer: C

Your company is using Veeam ONE to monitor VM performance in real time. An end user has called to complain about the performance of a VM and has asked you to investigate the cause of the issue. Where in Veeam ONE do you go to view real time VM metrics?

  • A. In the monitor client under the infrastructure view
  • B. In the reporter portal in the workspace tab, VM performance
  • C. In the monitor client under the data protection view
  • D. In the reporter portal in the dashboards tab, VM performance dashboard

Answer: C

When a replication job is configured to use the replica mapping feature (no seeding), what will happen during the first run of the job?

  • A. The replication job creates a clone of the mapped replica to preserve the original state before synchronizing the changes from the source infrastructure
  • B. The replication job calculates the differences between the original and mapped VM; only the incremental changes will be synchronized
  • C. The replication job will first restore the VM from the most recent restore point and then start to synchronize the incremental changes from the source infrastructure
  • D. If a VM within the replication job is not mapped, the job will fail

Answer: B

When deploying an advanced single-host virtual lab in a VMware environment, what will Veeam create?

  • A. A distributed virtual switch with uplink(s)
  • B. A standard virtual switch with uplink(s)
  • C. A distributed virtual switch without uplink(s)
  • D. A standard virtual switch without uplink(s)

Answer: B

What transport mode does the Linux backup proxy support?

  • A. Automatic
  • B. Network
  • C. Direct storage access
  • D. Virtual appliance

Answer: D

In the event a VMware VM configuration file (VMX) is missing and a restore is needed, what Veeam restore process is the best choice for this situation?

  • A. VM file restore
  • B. Instant disk recovery
  • C. Instant VM recovery
  • D. Virtual disk restore

Answer: A

When you back up regular or standalone VMs in vCloud Director, which of the following is captured and stored in Veeam??s Backup & Replication backup file? (Choose three.)

  • A. vApp metadata
  • B. VM disk content
  • C. Raw device mapping
  • D. In-guest iSCSI disk
  • E. VM metadata
  • F. Linked clone VM??s prior to vCenter 6.5

Answer: ABE

A backup administrator is planning to install Veeam ONE. Which data collection mode collects the most data per VM?

  • A. For vCenter data only
  • B. Optimized for advanced scalability deployment
  • C. For backup data only
  • D. Optimized for typical deployment

Answer: B

When planning to back up files and folders from shared sources, that is the correct method to connect to the file share from the Veeam backup server?

  • A. Add the file share into the store infrastructure
  • B. Add the file share into the physical infrastructure
  • C. Add the file share into the inventory
  • D. Add the file share into the managed servers

Answer: D

Which of the following scenarios properly applies the 3-2-1 rule to backup jobs?

  • A. Use a backup job to back up to a Scale-out Backup Repository configured with capacity tier using AWS S3 and enable move mode
  • B. Use a backup job to back up to a local repository; perform a backup copy job to a repository in another location
  • C. Use backup jobs to back up directly to tape; ship the tapes off site
  • D. Use a backup job to back up to a local repository; perform a backup copy job to the same repository

Answer: D

A backup administrator has replicated a virtual machine between two Hyper-V hosts and now would like to automatically verify the recoverability of the replica. What would they need to do?

  • A. It is not supported to perform SureBackup replica testing for Hyper-V
  • B. Create a virtual switch with no uplinks and start the virtual machine connected to the new switch
  • C. Create a virtual lab and an application group; create a SureBackup for the replica job and run it once a day
  • D. Start the virtual machine manually using the universal application item recovery wizard

Answer: A

A company has outgrown their current data center and plans to use the second data center as the new primary and needs to migrate their workloads. They are running VMware in both data centers. Which steps would allow this migration to occur without any data loss?

  • A. 1. Replication job2. Failover plan3. Permanent failover
  • B. 1. Backup job2. Instant VM Recovery3. Finalize the Instant VM Recovery
  • C. 1. Replication job2. Failback3. Commit failback
  • D. 1. Replication job2. Planned failover3. Permanent failover

Answer: A

Which backup method produces a backup chain that consists of the first full backup file (VBK) and a set of incremental backup files (VIB) following it? Additionally, the backup chain contains synthetic full and/or active full backup files that divide the backup chain into shorter series.

  • A. Forward incremental backup
  • B. Differential incremental backup
  • C. Reverse incremental backup
  • D. Forever forward incremental backup

Answer: A

Veeam is used for replicating VMware VMs. The production environment is comprised of two networks: and A web application requires a database server (whose IP address is to receive queries from a web client (whose IP address is The replicas are spread over multiple hosts. A backup administrator needs to configure a virtual lab to test a web client to database server query. Which of the following virtual lab types must be configured?

  • A. Advanced multi-host
  • B. Advanced single-host
  • C. All virtual lab configurations would support that
  • D. Basic single-host

Answer: B


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